We often have people asking us how we created some of the presentations we make to our clients (Some of our clients are asking too! sshhh), and they find it hard to believe it's made with PowerPoint! We also increasingly witness presentations by entrepreneurs and executive employees alike falling flat on their face due to how quickly they lose the interest of the people they're presenting to.

So XFrame's founder Chubike Roy Agu decided to create this training set called "The Big Picture Series" - a set of recorded video courses and live workshops where he shares techniques, skills, practices and mindsets as well as detailed tutorials that will equip you to create and deliver presentations that win.

The courses are aimed at providing brand and marketing design skill and knowledge for entrepreneurs, sales and marketing executives, and they aren't based on a string of theories or software conventions. He is sharing what he has learned from experience... actually DOING stuff.

So whether you find yourself presenting to a boardroom or to a large crowd, your presentation should be world-class and effective.

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