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Admit it, you’ve depended on a video (or probably plenty of videos) to determine whether you were going to buy a product or to get a closer look at a person. Whether you understand it or not, we’re deep in a massive video marketing revolution. Video enables people connect intellectually and emotionally to you and your team – as people, and it helps bring about trust. Besides, your target audience (and your target market) are already addicted to consuming relevant information via video. In fact, you’re probably already tired of reading this. So we’ll get to the point:


We help our clients harness their true story and tell it in a fluid manner that is pleasant to absorb, not just because it is video, but because it was planned, executed and delivered utilizing our “Simplication” approach to simplify what would typically come across as complex information, and then our “Storyography” method of content sequencing to tell a simple story in the most emotionally engaging way. All you need to do is share your vision and objective with us, and the message you wish to convey. We will break it down into a theme, roll out a script, record, produce and design the audio (including voiceovers), direct and shoot the video, edit it, design and implement motion-graphic elements, and then help you get it in front of the people who should watch it.


Landing Video (Corporate Profile)

In 3 minutes, you can tell the world what you do for people and businesses, how you do it and the things you care about. If they’ve pressed the PLAY button, they will watch.

CSR Stories

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. CSR videos are designed to chronicle the essence of your organization. Crafted in a deeply emotional flow, you can show the world where your heart truly is. Some of your viewers are more interested in how you care than in what you claim you can do. We’ll bring out the warmth for you.

Year-end recap

Sometimes your team forget what a year it has been, and they let the hectic whirlwinds of year-end drama engulf them. Then you hit them with an emotional journey through the year gone by. Play it on a large screen at your end-of-year gala or share it on the intranet just before you close for the year. This will always get them reenergized for the coming year. Post it on social media to remind your audience that you have been busy creating value… tap into the element of FOMO.

Staff work tours

We can document the exciting process through which staff get their work done. We’ll spend the day with a staff member, filming a number of her/his activities, interviewing her/him to create a video that shows the quality of people your business hires, the importance you attach to processes, and the growth journey of your team. We can literally cover dozens of staff over time, and create a video for each, making a series.

Product Showcase

If you’re a business that makes and sells physical products, then there’s no better way to promote it than to show what it can do and how to use it. Video is the world’s number-1 shopping guide. Our ability at XFrame to generate graphics and visuals of all categories (3d, 2d, animated, illustrated etc.) makes it possible for us to get ALL the juice out of your product for your audience to drink up.

Product Promotional and Special Offers

Special offers, price cuts, new stock, sales, all these are more easily brought to the fore using video. The delivery medium will most likely be retail in-store media, and you can have literally dozens of bits in just a few minutes utilizing one screen.

Training, Educational Videos and Explainers

Thought leadership is increasingly one of your best positioning strategies, and the most credible way to establish that is by making videos of you or members of your organization helping your audience understand and utilize elusive concepts and systems.

In-house Training/CEO address

You don’t have to travel all the time to deliver a training session to your employees across the country. We can produce a well-detailed video that may include a few people speaking, several graphical demonstrations and “live” ones too. When properly put together video will help you save time and cost, and at the same time boost employee competence.


  • On your website

  • On your corporate intranet

  • On Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • In your lobby (or store)

  • On a presentation slide

  • On stage during a corporate event

  • In your exhibition booth at a trade show

  • On a cinema screen

  • Shared via WhatsApp or Telegram

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