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Brand Architecture and Creative Strategy


We help big brands and budding entrepreneurs connect with their authentic audience – both internal and external – by helping them build cultures and lead conversations using design, video and interactive media.


Because you don’t have a big enough budget to buy trust, and we can help you build it instead. 

Trust is fast becoming the scarcest resource available to any business, yet it has always been the true currency of marketing. The idea of "mind-share" has evolved into what we refer to as “heart-share”, meaning that it is now more important to be believed than just to be heard. Attention is precious to the owner (especially in an age where they’re being bombarded every second), and once it is given, a return on that “investment” is expected… the reward of value that leads to trust. So how does a brand or a business gain the share of an audience’s trust and association?

Over the years, our team have walked the roads of an evolving digital communication landscape, and one thing stands true in all of it: be sincere, be consistent, be authentic, be generous. Decide what your “story” is and tell it without apology. Any brand that is trying to pull the wool over its audience’s eyes won’t last much longer. It’s only a matter of time. Your audience has become too smart, and – again – you don’t have a big enough budget to deceive them.

Marketing has changed, mostly because of what the internet has made possible. It has changed because every brand is now a media platform; every potential customer is a critic (many of them with audiences bigger than that of your brand), they’re all in a hurry, and they don’t shop blindly because information isn’t scarce any longer; and the playing field for even the smallest brand is now global.

The age of bloated advertising campaigns is over. Every brand has a story, and we help you find that story and tell it. This is XFrame.

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