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Course Outcomes

This PowerPoint design course will:

  • Provide participants with a clear understanding of information design and visual communication principles.

  • Expand participants’ scope of what can be achieved through great presentation design

  • Empower participants to independently create and deliver captivating presentations

  • Raise the capacity of participants to influence decisions using visual communication tools.

  • Improve participants' ability to hold audience attention during online meetings

  • Provide participants with a standardized approach to representing your brand individually.

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Course Overview

Are you concerned about the way the business presentations of your employees or teammates look and feel? You're probably tired of being embarrassed every time your organisation fails to secure a lead as a result of the quality of your presentations. You've probably also started to notice how the brand of your organization is gradually being eroded due to perpetual use of shoddy slides. Do you need to urgently turn the fate of your pitches around?

This course will help you with that.


Chubike Roy Agu will walk you through the WHY and the HOW of creating a modern high-impact PowerPoint presentation. This workshop evolved from the SlideShow Like a Pro online course, and has been created to be delivered privately on-site (in your office premises or other location you provide) and in-person to private corporate teams.


It will help your team organise their thoughts, create powerful PowerPoint slide sequences, and increase the likelihood they realise their presentation's goals. They'll learn techniques, skills, practices and mindsets that will equip them to create brand-centred presentations that win business.

Instilling a brand-centred

approach to individual presentation design for a unified presentation style across your organisation


Program objectives

At this programs conclusion, participants should be able to:


  • Explain the importance of good presentation design.

  • Craft a visual narrative.

  • Logically connect slides with the presentations story.

  • Choose a look that enhances the points of a presentation.

  • Select colours and graphics that improve their slides appearance.

  • Use transition and animation appropriately.

  • Design a presentation template.


Bear in mind...

Our instructor-led knowledge interventions are available to private groups.

These workshops are not offered in a public seminar format.
The technical skills being taught are based on Microsoft PowerPoint

Kindly note that each participant in our instructor-led programme will be required to be in class (if offline) with their own computer.

Why XFrame?

You've probably encountered presentation design training programmes being offered by instructors whose proposal to you is already a visual disaster.

At XFrame, we walk the talk.


When you partner with us you'll get: 


  • A coach who will ask questions about your goals and objectives and tailor your programme accordingly.

  • A brand expert who will enhance your team's ability to create a unified message that is aligned with the mother brand.

  • Interactive facilitation conducted by someone who has a deep understanding of adult learning and the topic at hand.

  • Facilitation by a creative expert with both consultant and client side experience, informal and formal sector career experience, and experience on the faculty of a reputable African private university.

  • A post-training web-based skills check-in meeting if desired.

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